11-01-1848The New England Female Medical College held its first classes; it was the first medical school to educate women
11-02-1883Jessie Daniel Ames was born, founder of the Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching, in 1930
11-03-1992Carol Moseley-Braun became the first African-American woman to serve in the U.S. Senate
11-04-1788(@date) Sacajawea was born, a Native-American who helped guide the Lewis & Clark Expedition in 1804-1805
11-05-1857Ida Tarbell was born, pioneer investigative reporter who wrote articles exposing illegal acts by the Standard Oil Co.
11-06-1987Tania Aebi, sailor, became the youngest woman to circumnavigate the globe alone; she was 21 years old when she finished
11-07-1990Mary Robinson was elected the first woman President of the Republic of Ireland
11-08-1985Grace Hopper became the first woman rear admiral in U.S. Navy; coinventor of the computer language COBOL; coined the phrase "computer bug"
11-09-1922Dorothy Dandridge was born, actress, first African-American Academy Award nominee for Best Actress
11-10-1893Mabel Normand was born, comedienne, actress, thought to be first person to throw a pie in someone's face for comedy
11-11-1992The Church of England voted to allow women priests
11-12-1815Elizabeth Cady Stanton was born, woman suffrage leader; organized first women's rights convention in Seneca Falls, NY in 1848
11-13-2000Liv Arnesan (Norway) and Ann Bancroft (U.S.) embarked on their successful expedition to become the first women to cross Antarctica
11-14-1805Fanny Mendelssohn was born, musician and composer
11-15-1887Georgia O'Keefe was born, innovative painter, known for her style of painting flowers
11-16-1384(@date) Queen Jadwiga of Poland was crowned; became a saint in 1997
11-17-1870Winifred Holt was born, sculptor and social advocate for the blind, awarded membership in French Legion of Honor
11-18-1857Rose Knox was born, cofounder of Knox Gelatin Co.; instigated 5-day work week and 2-week paid vacations
11-19-1917Indira Gandhi was born, Prime Minister of India from 1966 to 1977 and from 1980 to 1984
11-20-1896Rose Pesotta was born, leader in the International Ladies Garment Worker Union (ILGWU)
11-21-1902Phoebe Fairgrave Omlie was born, aviator, first woman to acquire a transport pilot's license; flew campaign plane for President Franklin Roosevelt
11-22-2005Angela Merkel became the first woman Chancellor of Germany
11-23-1999Hillary Rodham Clinton began her campaign for Senator; elected in 2000, 1st First Lady elected to Senate
11-24-1849Frances Hodgson Burnett was born, writer; novels include "The Secret Garden" and "The Little Princess"
11-25-1999International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, observed by the UN
11-26-1827Ellen Gould Harmon White was born, founder of the Seventh Day Adventist Church
11-27-1968Penny Ann Early became the first woman to play in a men's professional basketball game, playing for the Kentucky Colonels
11-28-1881The first meeting of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) was held by its founders, Marion Talbot and Ellen H. Richards
11-29-1832Louisa May Alcott was born, author; novels include "Little Women" and "Little Men"
11-30-1924Shirley Chisholm was born, first African-American woman elected to U.S. Congress, in 1968