05-01-1830"Mother Jones's" chosen birthday, labor activist
05-02-1729Catherine the Great was born, Empress of Russia; reigned 34 years, the longest time for a female leader of Russia
05-03-1979Margaret Thatcher won election as Prime Minister, becoming Britain's first woman PM
05-04-1929Audrey Hepburn was born in Brussels, actress, won Oscar for "Roman Holiday" in 1953
05-05-1809Mary Kies became the first woman to patent an invention in her own name in U.S.; it was for weaving straw with silk and thread to make hats
05-06-1852(@date) Calamity Jane was born, sharpshooter, army scout, performed in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
05-07-1919Eva Duarte Peron was born, First Lady of Argentina, 1946-1952
05-08-1914The first national Mother's Day was declared in the U.S.; it would be celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in May
05-09-1844Belle Boyd was born, Confederate spy and actress in U.S.
05-10-1872Victoria Woodhull was nominated as the first woman candidate for U.S. President, for the Equal Rights Party
05-11-1893Martha Graham was born, dancer and choreographer, invented modern dance
05-12-1968"Welfare Mothers" marched in D.C., led by Coretta Scott King and Ethel Kennedy, advocating welfare reform
05-13-1888Inge Lehmann was born, Danish geophysicist, discovered earth's inner core in 1936
05-14-1861Adelina Patti made her debut in Europe as an opera singer at 18 years of age
05-15-1937Madeline Albright was born, the first woman U.S. Secretary of State, 1997-2001
05-16-1975Junko Tabei of Japan became the first woman to reach the summit of Mt. Everest
05-17-1903Lena Levine was born, medical doctor, advocate for birth control
05-18-1970Tina Fey was born, comedian, first female head writer for TV's "Saturday Night Live"
05-19-1930Lorraine Hansberry was born, first African-American woman to produce a play on Broadway, "A Raisin in the Sun," in 1959
05-20-1768Dolley Madison was born, First Lady of the U.S., 1809- 1817, tactful hostess and mediator
05-21-1973Lynn Genesko, swimmer, received the first U.S. athletic scholarship for a woman from the University of Miami
05-22-1844Mary Cassatt was born, American painter, important part of the Impressionist Movement; awarded the French Legion of Honor in 1904
05-23-1810Margaret Fuller was born, writer and foreign correspondent, first woman journalist in the U.S.
05-24-1878Lillian Moller Gilbreth was born, industrial engineer, one of the first women members of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1926
05-25-1913Brownie Wise was born, developed home parties to sell Tupperware products
05-26-1951Sally Ride was born, first U.S. woman astronaut
Rachel Carson  was born; wrote "Silent Spring;" pioneered the environmental protection movement
05-28-1980Andrea Lee Hollen became the first woman to graduate from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point
05-29-1977Janet Guthrie became the first woman to qualify and race in the Indianopolis 500
05-30-1848Maria Mitchell, astronomer, first woman to discover a telescopic comet, became the first woman elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences
05-31-1912Chien-Shiung Wu was born, physicist; first woman elected president of the American Physical Society in 1975