03-01-1987The first observation of National Women's History Month in the U.S.
03-02-1992Anita Nall broke the 200 meter breaststroke world record twice in one day at the U.S. Olympics trials when she was 15 years old. Her record stood for two years.
03-03-1962Jackie Joyner-Kersee was born, winner of 6 Olympic medals in track and field
03-04-1917Jeannette Rankin was sworn in as the first woman member of the U.S. Congress
03-05-1931Geraldyn (Jerrie) Cobb was born, the first woman to pass the test for U.S. astronaut training (1959) although she was not allowed to train
03-06-1791Anna Claypoole Peale was born, a painter who specialized in portrait miniatures
03-07-2010Kathryn Bigelow became the 1st woman to win the Academy Award for Best Director for "The Hurt Locker"
03-08-1908International Women's Day celebrated as a day to honor women and their contributions
03-09-1976First women cadets were admitted at West Point Military Academy
03-10-1952Dr. Maria Telkes was notified that she won the first Achievement Award from the Society of Women Engineers
03-11-1993Janet Reno was confirmed as first woman U.S. Attorney General
03-12-1877Annette Abbott Adams was born, first woman to be U.S. Attorney (1918), Asst. U.S. Attorney General (1920), and appellate justice (1942)
03-13-1986Susan Butcher won the first of 3 straight and 4 total Iditarod Trail Sled Dog races in Alaska
03-14-1923Diane Arbus was born, famous and influential photographer
03-15-1905Margaret Webster was born, first woman to direct at the Metropolitan Opera House and founder of the American Repertory Theater
03-16-1883Susan Hayhurst, M.D. became the first woman to graduate from pharmacy college in the U.S.
03-17-1863Anna Wessels Willaims, M.D. was born, helped create diptheria vaccine in 1894
03-18-1964Bonnie Blair was born, speed skater, won 5 Olympic gold medals
03-19-1989Midori Ito, from Japan, won the World Championship in Ladies Figure Skating; first woman to land a triple axel in international competition (1988)
03-20-1852Harriet Beecher Stowe's book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was published
03-21-1905Phyllis McGinley was born, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1961
03-22-1638Anne Hutchinson was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the U.S. for expressing her religious beliefs
03-23-1857Fannie Farmer was born, first person to standardize measurements in cooking; compiled the "Fannie Farmer Cookbook" (1896)
03-24-1912Dorothy Height was born, served as President of the National Council of Negro Women from 1957 to 1998
03-25-1934Gloria Steinem was born, feminist, founder of "Ms." magazine in 1971, journalist and author
03-26-1964"Funny Girl" opened on Broadway, starring actress Barbra Streisand
03-27-1454(@date) Jeanne Hachette was born, saved her city, Beauvais, France, in 1472 by attacking invaders' flag-bearer and lifting her people's morale
03-28-1952Tenley Albright won the U.S.Figure Skating Championship, and went on to win it the next 4 years
03-29-1918Pearl Bailey was born, singer and actress, awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1988
03-30-1863Mary Whiton Calkins was born, psychologist, studied at Harvard as a "guest," but was refused a degree because she was a woman
03-31-1776Abigail Adams, First Lady, wrote to her husband John, "Remember the Ladies," urging equality for women